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Purchase commercial property on market leading terms

Achieve a commercial property purchase on market-leading terms

Purchasing a commercial property is a significant and lumpy capital investment – buying at the right price and on the right terms is critical to your business’s profitability.

Getting your offer price right is crucial. Submit a purchase price too low, and you could miss out on the opportunity. Submit a purchase price too high, and you might end up paying a premium.

Additionally, getting the terms of your offer right can be critical to mitigating your purchase risks.

Why your commercial property purchase decisions matter

As an investor, a property purchase will probably be a significant financial investment with ongoing revenue and capital cost implications over a long-time horizon.

As an occupier, a property purchase will probably be the biggest single business cost with a lengthy time commitment. Your property purchase can either be a business enabler or a handbrake.

As a purchaser, you seek to maximise your financial returns or business opportunity to grow your business while minimising the risks and avoiding the pitfalls. 

Leverage our property expertise and secure your commercial property purchase on market-leading terms

Purchase on market-leading commercial terms and reduce the property risks to your business by:

    • Understanding your purchase motivations
    • Adopting a robust purchase decision framework
    • Utilising proven purchase strategies
    • Adopting our 3-tier analysis approach
    • Leveraging our key purchase tactics

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“We had been looking for a property in Wellington to relocate our Head Office. We were keen to find a site that offered development or investment potential beyond our business needs. We had made offers on two separate properties over the preceding 12 months. Both bids had been unsuccessful. When another suitable property came up, we sought help to evaluate and formulate our offer.

Marcus assisted us by researching the property and comparable sales in the area. This vital information saved us money as our initial value estimates were higher than the price for which we purchased the property. Marcus gathered information that allowed us to formulate our value ideas and consider the next steps with the property after the purchase was complete.

During our meeting, the day before we made our offer, we discussed our ideas for the property and got a better idea of the vendors’ motivations and what they might be looking for in an offer beyond a pure dollar amount. We were also able to bounce around development ideas and troubleshoot potential building issues.

By engaging Marcus, we could get a clear idea of where and how to pitch our offer. It was excellent to know that the information we acquired from him was for our use and not influenced by anyone else’s requirements. We would have no hesitation in dealing with Marcus again on any transactions we may make in the future.”

Simon Gooder, Director, Gooder Equipment Limited

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