How to Find Premises

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Need to find the right business premises for your business?

Being in the right location is critical to your business. It plays a significant role in your business profitability and your overall success.

Securing premises in the right location for the right price on the right terms will:

    • Enable your business to grow
    • Make your business more productive
    • Improve employee recruitment and retention
    • Make your business more attractive to your customers
    • Save you money on your bottom line

Why your location and property decisions matter

Property decisions have a significant impact on your business’s profitability as your property:

    • is likely to be your second largest business cost
    • is your single largest fixed business cost
    • is a long-term commitment. 

Today’s decisions will have long-term consequences that won’t necessarily end when you sign the lease or purchase agreement but will continue for as long as you lease or own the property.

Property decisions are critical and can be either a business enabler or a handbrake.

Leverage our expertise to get the right premises in the right location

Take the guesswork out of finding the right location and adopt a cost-effective approach to finding the right premises for your business by:

    • Utilising an objective 3-tiered needs assessment to define your property requirements
    • Undertaking a market scan to identify available properties while gaining access to a wider pool of properties not yet listed on the market
    • Qualifying and shortlisting potential properties that best meet your premises brief

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“Marcus has been invaluable in helping Waitomo locate, source and qualify sites and negotiate commercial terms for our leases and acquisitions.

I was impressed by Marcus’ ability to source qualified sites that were off market that met our particular requirements, to negotiate favourable lease terms for us, to work with our lawyers to document the agreed commercial terms into our Agreements to Lease, and liaise with our prospective landlords to execute the Agreements and enable our due diligence requirements to be met.

Marcus’ persistence and tenacity in sourcing qualified sites for Waitomo has paid off in terms on money and time. I would recommend Marcus to any retailer, hospitality, or location-based business looking for sites to expand its business.”

Simon Parham, Chief Operating Officer, Waitomo Petroleum Limited

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We have a proven track record in unlocking the potential of property through strategic property advice, a proven premises needs assessment and a robust site selection process to find you the right premises for your business.

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