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Find Premises

The location and premises you choose can make or break your business. It really is that simple. So let us help you choose wisely.

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Lease Negotiation

A professional skilled negotiator is always the difference between a lease deal and the best lease deal.

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Purchase Negotiation

You’ve found the perfect property? Brilliant! Just make sure you don’t let enthusiasm cloud your financial judgement when it comes to negotiating price.

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Lease Management / Renegotiation

Your property costs are your 2nd biggest cost. Your business profitability could hinge on how well your leases are managed… you can’t expect leases to take care of themselves.

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Lease Reinstatement, Exit, Relocation

Terminating a lease and relocating can be stressful, costly and time consuming …. unless we handle it for you while you run your business.

Source Premises

Define Premises Requirements

Shortlist Available Premises

Evaluate Premises Options

Negotiate Lease

Assess Market Terms & Incentives

Submit Lease Commerical Terms

Negotiate Favourable Terms

Document Lease

Manage Fitout

Develop Fitout Plan

Obtain Consents & Approvals

Select & Coordinate Contractors

Obtain CCC


Manage Leases

Audit & Benchmark Leases

Track Critical Dates & Obligations

Ensure Lease Compliance

Ensure Sufficient Tenure

Restructure Leases

Assess Lease Financial Impact

Identify Restructure Opportunities

Negotiate Favourable Lease Terms

Document Lease Changes

Renew / Relocate

Evaluate Premises, Lease, Needs

Explore Relocation Options

Financial Evaluation

Renew or Relocate

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Marcus Bosch
MB Signature

Managing Director

The truth is, you are on a playing field that is tilted against you.

When you sit down at a property negotiation, it’s usually the person on the other side of the table who does this for a living – they have market knowledge, property insights and negotiation expertise. If you aren’t the one negotiating commercial leases or property purchases on a daily basis, then you aren’t the one getting the good deal.

You can’t rely on the landlord or vendor’s agent to look after your interests – you aren’t the one paying them!

You need professional property advisors on your side.

With me acting on your behalf, you get proactive, unbiased, independent property advice, and more importantly… you immediately remove the vendor’s advantage.

I want to see you freed up and focused on running your business, saving time, saving money. And knowing that seasoned expert property advisors are looking after your property needs.

Isn’t it time you tilted the playing field in your favour? Let’s start talking.

case study

This is how we save your time, remove your stress
and protect your money…

Case Study #17 : Waitomo Energy

If you’ve ever been on a classic road trip through New Zealand’s North Island – then you’ve most likely seen a Waitomo petrol station…

Case Study #28 : Flo & Frankie

They had a property cost benchmark threshold they couldn’t exceed…

Case Study #3 : The Cosmetic Company

The first step was developing a purchase strategy to manage the vendor’s price expectations…

Ongoing Lease Management

Case Study #9 : ANZ

One of the largest corporate property portfolios in New Zealand…

Complete Lease Relocation Services

Case Study #14 : Caci Clinics

The franchisee was free to focus on running her clinic…


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Do you want to avoid falling into the trapof great premises/bad location?

Do you want to avoid the relocation errorsthat can end your business?

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