Lease Exit or Relocate

Minimise Stress and Costs.

Need to exit your premises or relocate premises?

According to popular research, moving house is the third highest stressor in our personal life.

Exiting and relocating your business can be equally stressful, time consuming and expensive.

However, properly planned and managed, your lease exit or business relocation, can be cost-effective, timely and a seamless transition with minimal business disruption.

Why your lease exit and relocation decisions matter

Exiting premises and relocating can be stressful, time-consuming and costly to your business if not properly planned and managed.

The cost of your lease exit will depend on a number of factors including:

    1. The reinstatement obligations set out in your lease;
    2. How well you have maintained the premises during the lease and whether there is any deferred maintenance;
    3. The level of detail you hold on the condition of the premises and the fitout you installed at the time your lease commenced; and
    4. Your ability to negotiate and resolve issues with your landlord.

Leverage our property expertise to manage your exit and relocation freeing you up to focus on running your business.

We can proactively manage your exit and relocation by:

    1. Managing landlord expectations and establishing a cost-effective de-fit and reinstatement strategy. 
    2. Supporting you through a seamless transition from one site to another. We will coordinate the timing of consents and fit-outs at your new site with the subsequent de-fit and reinstatement work at the existing premises.
    3. Guiding you through a smooth and frictionless return of the premises to the landlord with minimal contention regarding the standard of reinstatement

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Reduce the stress, time and cost of exiting or relocating premises with our proven process and actionable tactics


“Marcus saved us time and money by co-ordinating the lease de-fit and reinstatement with the opening of our new premises.

He was very effective at managing our landlord’s reinstatement expectations and negotiating lease extensions to adjust to our revised new premises fit-out schedule while managing our lease costs.

Marcus provided practical advice and solutions to ensure that our lease de-fit and reinstatement risks were mitigated quickly whilst project managing contractors and consultants to deliver to schedule.

I would definitely recommend Marcus to anyone that engages his services and will definitely make use of Marcus’s services in future.”

Louise Donaldson, Franchisee,

Caci Clinic Wynyard Quarter

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