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Improve your profitability by managing your leases

Tenant Lease Management is critical because it deals with your second most significant business cost and your most significant long-term fixed cost.

From a strategic perspective, you must ensure that your leased property aligns with your brand, supports your business, is not detrimental to growth and change, or worse, the source of unexpected costs and liabilities.

From an operational perspective, you must ensure that you minimise your property’s lease costs to improve profitability.

Why your lease management decisions matter

As a tenant, your lease costs are likely to be:

    1. Your second or third most significant business cost behind staff and IT costs
    2. Your most significant long-term fixed cost – typically anywhere between 3 to 15 years.

As the landscape becomes more competitive, your leased property needs to perform and manage its lease costs. 

From a business perspective, you must be proactive in your lease management to improve business profitability.

Leverage our expertise to manage your lease and improve your profitability

Based on our experience, managing both small (20s) and large (500+) leased property portfolios across the industrial, retail, and banking sectors, we believe the 3 critical aspects of successful Tenant Lease Management are to:

    1. Protect the Tenure of Your Leased Properties – Ample lease tenure provides tenants with business certainty and flexibility; this is especially important in retail, where you have invested in marketing so that your customers can find you. In specialist manufacturing, the cost of relocating large plant, machinery and production lines are high.

Treat it like insurance, and secure additional tenure even if you don’t think you need it.

    1. Manage the Costs of Your Leased Properties – Proactively managing your lease costs can reduce your occupation costs and improve business profitability.
    2. Manage the Risks from Your Leased Properties – By occupying and operating from premises, tenants will encounter various risks that need to be eliminated or mitigated.

We manage your lease administration, including lease audits, OPEX reconciliations, rent reviews, lease renewals and terminations, lease make-goods, reinstatements, lease assignments and subleases.

We minimise your property costs and eliminate your risks, freeing you to focus on running and growing your business.

A successfully managed lease reduces commercial risk, leads to better financial outcomes, ensures robust documentation, and avoids all unnecessary headaches.

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Manage your lease costs throughout your lease lifecycle with our strategies and tactics to save costs and improve profiability


“Marcus is a highly professional property specialist. He is easy to work with, outcome focussed, and pragmatic.

We engaged Marcus from Proactive Property Group to urgently source our Auckland distribution centre. Working in a challenging environment that included navigating COVID19 restrictions and a significant shortage of available properties Marcus secured premises and negotiated a lease on excellent commercial terms within 8 weeks.

I was impressed with Marcus’s ability not only to deliver on our core requirements, but also to use his experience in helping us navigate a number of internal discussions. With his help we arrived at the best possible immediate solution, and developed an objective view on our how to address our future requirements.

I would recommend Marcus without reservation.”

Daniel Prichard, Chief Operating Officer, Greenbox Recycling Pty Limited

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