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Being in the right location is key for many businesses—it often plays a significant role in your business profitability and overall success.

Every business has different property drivers.  We help you identify your catchment, location and site needs and objectives.  We then develop your site brief, conduct a market scan, assess capital expenditure, quantify ongoing occupancy costs, and shortlist qualified properties that meet your business needs.

Often the properties we source are not available on market.


“Marcus has been invaluable in helping Waitomo locate, source and qualify sites and negotiate commercial terms for our leases and acquisitions. I contracted Marcus to expand our service station network based upon his property, legal and financial expertise and previous experience rolling out retail networks in New Zealand and Australia.

Marcus’ persistence and tenacity in sourcing qualified sites for Waitomo has paid off in terms of money and time. I would recommend Marcus to any retailer, hospitality or location-based business looking for sites to expand its business.”

Simon Parham, Chief Operating Officer, Waitomo Petroleum Limited

Star Rating

Negotiate Lease / Acquisition

Grow your brand, grow your business

Once you have selected your preferred property from our shortlist of qualified properties, we are perfectly positioned to lease or acquire the property on market leading commercial terms to secure you the best deal and lowest rent or price on your behalf.

We know the commercial property market inside out. We have been Landlords, Tenants, Vendors and Purchasers so we know what to ask, to look for, and who to call in for expert technical advice when needed.

We also know how to structure leases or purchases to maximise the upfront and downstream benefits for you. We will ensure you get the right property at the right price.

Our track record in savings delivered to our clients speaks for itself.


“In a very short time Marcus has delivered impressive value to our business and business partners, specifically relating to negating rental increases; renegotiating bank guarantee obligations;  sourcing off market sites for clinics, such as our latest site where Marcus sourced the site, negotiated the lease commercial terms and concluded the Agreement to Lease in under 4 weeks.”

Penny Chapman, Franchise & Operations Manager, Caci NZ

Marcus Bosch

A Word From Marcus Bosch

I have always had a passion for helping people and never is this truer than when it comes to helping them find the right property to enhance their business.

Being an independent property advisor means I can use all of my previous skills and expertise – law, finance and property – to make sure I find the right site and negotiate the right terms to fit with a client’s business model. It is very gratifying to be able to add value to businesses looking to grow through saving them time and money and eliminating risk.

Marcus Bosch

Managing Director

Design, Consent, Build

Don’t leave the success of your business to chance

Once we have secured the right property for you, the next step is to build or fit out your property to meet your business needs.

We can provide and manage planners, architects, interior designers, and internal fit out specialists depending on the scope of your project to design and to obtain resource and building consent as required for your property.

We can then work with you to source contractors to build or fitout your property and to source fixtures, fittings and furnishings at wholesale prices.

Windsor Laundromat
New Windsor Laundromat

“With Marcus’ help we have secured a great site on outstanding terms and managed to fit-out and open our laundromat not withstanding COVID-19 closures.”

New Windsor Laundromat

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Lease Portfolio Management

As property costs are generally the third largest cost behind staff and technology, how you manage your property and leases can have a significant impact on your profitability.

We can manage your lease administration and negotiation, including lease audits, opex reconciliations, rent reviews, lease renewals, lease terminations, lease make goods / reinstatements, lease assignments and subleasing to minimise your property costs and eliminate your risks.

This frees you up to focus on running and growing your business.

ANZ Storefront

5 Step Site Selection Services Process

1. Site Brief

Finding the ideal retail property or commercial property begins with providing clarity around what you require. Including things you might not have considered. Through our unique Site Brief Diagnostic Process, we put together a comprehensive profile of your ideal property. This enables quick and efficient qualification of potential sites for your business.

2. Market Scan

We use your Site Brief to conduct both a catchment review and a location review. We engage with Real Estate Agents and Landlords to find on-market sites and potential off-market sites. The market scan enables us to find the best possible sites that meet your specific requirements.

3. Site Qualification

Once we have ensured that we have found retail property or commercial property that meets your qualification criteria, we provide you with a list of options, ranked in order of recommendation. We then work with you to narrow this list down. So that you find the best possible option to help accelerate the growth of your business.

4. Commercial Terms

With a decision made on the most suitable retail property or commercial property site, we then work on your behalf to negotiate terms with landlords. And because we don’t work on commission and treat your money as our own, we’ll work hard to get you the best deal possible, as quickly as possible.

5. Documentation

With commercial terms settled, the final stage of the Site Selection Services process is to ensure your lawyer is properly briefed, your Agreement to Lease is drafted and all details we have negotiated with the landlord are documented. This is where our previous legal, financial and property experience and capability saves you time and money.

Strategic Framework for Successful Site Selection



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