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Proactive Property Group - Trusted independent property experts

Property transactions can be intricate, involved and somewhat tedious. Unfortunately, they can sometimes be described as peril-filled minefields, the fuel of nightmares, and potential business-busters.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a business owner seeking a strategic property move, you need a guiding hand that not only understands the intricacies of real estate but also holds the key to unlocking your success.

That’s where I come in… I live and breathe property. My decades of experience and unwavering commitment to your best interests set us apart as your ultimate property experts.

Marcus Bosch - Property Experts

Marcus Bosch

BCom, LLB, MProp, MBA, Dip.Franchising

A legacy of Excellence

Over the past 25 years, I’ve done nothing but plan, source, negotiate and secure the best possible property deals on market-leading terms for every one of my clients. When I work with you, you get the assurance that my business completely relies on making sure your business always gets the best outcome.

This wealth of experience is a testament to our dedication to excellence and an assurance that your success is our sole priority.

I pour my knowledge, time, and resources into your property matters so that you can preserve your precious time for running and growing your businesses.

A Pledge of Unbiased Guidance

Unlike many other entities in the industry, Proactive Property Group is independently owned and operated. Because of this, I can promise you conflict-free, unbiased, trusted, independent property advice that you can count on! We have no affiliations with landlords or real estate agencies, giving us the freedom to prioritise your needs above all else.

A Multidisciplinary Arsenal of Expertise

The skillset we have “on tap” in Proactive Property Group (covering law, property, franchising, design, procurement and finance expertise) is unrivalled… and it’s yours to take full advantage of if you are looking for the best possible property outcome for your business.

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Our Values

To us, our values are more than just words on a page. Here’s what they will mean for you:


Taking the initiative to ask, to explore, and to unlock property options overlooked by others.


Finding the right property at the right price point and commercial terms is time-consuming. We stay the course until we put the right deal together, persisting until we do so.


We believe in treating your money as though it were our own. Because we don’t take commissions from landlords – and only work exclusively with one client within a particular customer segment at a time – we have no conflicts of interest.

Creative problem-solving

As much as we wish the perfect premises existed, there are always going to be challenges, however small. We value and use creative problem-solving to make the best available premises work to your requirements, liaising with the landlord to get the optimal outcome.