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Proactive Property Group, led by Marcus Bosch, is your trusted property partner to unlock prime locations and optimise lease negotiations.

Based in Auckland, we advise Franchisors and Franchisees across New Zealand and Australia, delivering bespoke property guidance and dynamic property solutions finely tuned to meet the unique needs of your franchise.

We specialise in Property Advisory and Lease Negotiation, we simplify the complexities of securing, optimising and occupying your premises with precision and expertise, ensuring your business journey is marked by seamless success and strategic advantage.

Marcus Bosch - Property Advisor & Lease Negotiator

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How We Help Franchises

Find Premises

We streamline your franchise expansion by finding the ideal location within the territory that aligns with your franchise criteria and enhances your business presence

Negotiate Lease

We optimise terms in your favour, unlocking cost efficiencies and flexibility, enabling your business to thrive in a space tailored to your unique franchise requirements.

Design, Consent & Fitout

We manage the design, consenting and fitout of your premises, expediting the process while minimising your costs.

Lease Management

Experience hassle-free lease management that enhances operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and compliance, allowing you to focus on your business without the burden of administrative complexities.

Lease Exit & Reinstatement

We help navigate lease expiries to safeguard your interests and manage reinstatement processes to minimise your liabilities while you focus on your franchise.


We expedite your business relocation by minimising disruptions and optimising the move to new premises that aligns perfectly with your growing business needs.

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Frustrations & Fears

Choosing the wrong location

With our market knowledge we can find the right premises for your franchise.

Not getting a good deal

With our expertise you will get market leading competitive lease commercial terms.

Time Pressure

Avoid rushed decisions, sub-optimal choices and unfavourable deals with our robust process and methodology to find and secure premises in a timely manner.

Why Choose Us

Leverage specialised property and leasing expertise, saving time, optimising costs, and contributing to the overall success and growth of the franchise system while contributing to the success of the franchisee.

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Process - how to find premises and negotiate lease

Our Process

We conduct a detailed needs assessment with the franchisee to understand specific requirements such as space, location preferences, budget constraints, and any unique operational needs.

We ensure franchisor standards and requirements are incorporated into the needs assessment.

We utilise market research to identify potential catchments within the territory that align with the franchisee’s needs and the franchisor’s brand standards.

We evaluate factors such as foot traffic, demographics, competition, and accessibility

We document the franchisee’s requirements and desired catchments in a Premises Brief which the franchisee signs off on before we go to market. 

The Brief forms the basis for shortlisting qualified premises for consideration.

We conduct conduct comprehensive market research to identify potential premises options within the preferred catchment that meet the Premises Brief and align with the franchisee’s requirements. 

We compile longlist of qualified premises that meet the brief.

We work with the franchisee to shortlist 1-3 qualified premises for further analysis.

We conduct due diligence on selected premises to ensure regulatory compliance, zoning approvals, and any legal restrictions.

We evaluate the premises for infrastructure, amenities, and suitability for the franchisee’s business needs.

We negotiate competitive lease terms, including rental rates, lease duration, upfront costs, rent-free periods, landlord fitout and modifications meet your business needs.

We also assess potential lease and premises risks and mitigate them .

We work with the franchisee to establish a budget for leasing and fit-out costs.

We provide regular updates and facilitate sign-offs at key milestones, ensuring transparency throughout the process.

We maintain comprehensive documentation of lease terms, ensuring clarity and protection of your interests.

We ensure the agreement to lease aligns with the agreed lease commercial terms.

We collaborate with your solicitors to review the agreement to lease and subsequent lease, ensuring compliance with relevant laws.

We assist in design, consent, fitout of your new premises, ensuring a smooth transition.

How We Help

Market Insight img

Market Insight

We provide valuable market insights for informed decisions.

Cost Optimization img

Cost Optimisation

We negotiate favorable lease terms to stay within your budget.

Regulatory Compliance img

Regulatory Compliance

We ensure zoning compliance.

Customization and Flexibility img

Customisation and Flexibility

We secure commitments for fitouts and upgrades to meet your operational needs.

Risk Mitigation img

Risk Mitigation

We identify potential challenges, and negotiate terms that mitigate risks associated with the lease.

Communication Facilitation img

Communication Facilitation

We help in effective communication with decision-makers to enable signoffs.

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